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Church Consulting

Local Church consulting has as its goal, gaining the best wisdom of the pastor and church leaders, and then moving forward to establish a “track to run on.”

Generally a consultation in a multiple-staff setting is three or more days of my work, resulting in a plan to move the church forward for the next three-to-five years.  I work with the task force/team and the senior pastor and staff to set goals, create paths of implementation, and remove major obstacles.   This usually involves assessing strengths, possibilities, and challenges through  individual and group visits.   Through it all, I have a bias toward the well-being of the pastor as well as the congregation.

The power of the consultation comes then in a presentation to the pastor and church leaders which clarifies current possibilities and next steps.  My approach is not a 50-page document that sits on a shelf, but a very user-friendly approach that gives timelines and actions to move the church forward.

Some churches choose an ongoing accountability and focus relationship with me.

Every consultation is a “custom” arrangement, and I will be your only consultant.

I serve medium and large United Methodist Churches.

I would be honored to visit with you about a consultation.

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